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NEW | Skyblock - 9/10/2019

We have begun working towards introducing another server to the network.
Production on Skyblock has officially commenced as we have just secured a custom spawn.

Below are some features you can expect to see:

  • The Nexus
  • Crates
  • NPCs
  • Enchanting Station
  • Repair Station
  • NPC Shops

We will continue to post more updates as progress is made and we look forward to seeing you and your Sky Empire soon!

about 1 month ago


Hello Bunadryl,

Welcome back to the Minexus Network! I hope this time around will be a good one.

If i remember correctly, your previous names were Bunnie Akasima, TPM Bunnie and going way back to TPM Nekros?

If this is you, please let me know as I believe you were MVP before the shutdown so I can make that happen again this time 'round.


Thanks 😃

2 months ago

UPDATE | Survival - 22/09/2019


  • Healing pad Heal your health and sate your hunger using the healing pad located at /spawn
  • The Nexus Obtain amazing loot from The Nexus
  • Survival Help Learn the basics! We have added a simple help section at /spawn
  • Token Shop Purchase network items such as tags and keys at /tokenshop


  • Redesigned the Enchant GUI layout
  • Redesigned the Repair GUI layout
  • Added The Nexus Achievement
  • Redesigned the Achievement GUI
2 months ago

UPDATE | Survival - 09/09/2019


  • Grief Prevention A widely known land-claiming system
  • Ranking system Players can now join a ladder and rank up
  • Repair system Repairing your tools simplified with a repair npc at spawn
  • Enchant system Vanilla enchanting just got a lot easier with an enchant npc at spawn
  • Custom Achievements Type /achievement to view achievements


  • Previous land-claiming system
  • Unecessary plugins removed to increase efficiency and server performance


  • Icon and format updates to crate reward items
  • Balanced McMMO experience and multipliers
  • Message formatting for McMMO
  • Updated the design for Boosters NPC
2 months ago

I've waited forever to see this server come back

Hello DrPhilThanos,

Thank you for the kind words!
It was indeed very unfortunate that the network had to shutdown but at the time is was for the best.

I will post more updates as they are made here on the forum and I plan to open the server up very soon so keep your eyes peeled for the ETA.

As for the Discord server, you can join with this link


Thanks :)

3 months ago