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Ghostedd_ Hi Ghostedd_, I have seen your name pop up many times in the console. Thanks for introducing yourself despite having not joined the server yet! I will add you to the whitelist and whenever you catch me online be sure to remind me regarding your in-game gift! Thanks
6 days ago

Hey guys, If you're feeling friendly and want to get to know other players you can do so by introducing yourself using the template below. As an added incentive, those that introduce themselves will receive an in-game gift! Template Minecraft name First name Favorite gamemode Favorite animal Favorite sport Other
28 days ago

Hi guys, After the unfortunate extended maintenance due to unforeseen issues, the maintenance is complete. Our server should be back up and running in full swing! Please note I have recently moved addresses and I am still in the process of settling in. My workstation has not been setup as yet so I won't be able to tend to any issues until then. To report any issues, please report them on the Discord as I still have access to this on my phone. Thanks for reading!
29 days ago

Hi guys, Please note that there is currently system maintenance being performed on the physical machines in which are servers are being hosted. The maintenance has been delayed due to physical damage to hardware and the issue is being addressed promptly. The server should be back up and running in the next 24 hours!
about 1 month ago

Hi ColyBug! I've added you to the whitelist. If you haven't attempted to join previously you may still encounter issues. Please join the Discord and let me know if this is still the case.
about 1 month ago