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Zyyr was last seen: 18 Sep 2019, 14:22

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UPDATE | Survival - 09/09/2019


  • Grief Prevention A widely known land-claiming system
  • Ranking system Players can now join a ladder and rank up
  • Repair system Repairing your tools simplified with a repair npc at spawn
  • Enchant system Vanilla enchanting just got a lot easier with an enchant npc at spawn
  • Custom Achievements Type /achievement to view achievements


  • Previous land-claiming system
  • Unecessary plugins removed to increase efficiency and server performance


  • Icon and format updates to crate reward items
  • Balanced McMMO experience and multipliers
  • Message formatting for McMMO
  • Updated the design for Boosters NPC
9 days ago

I've waited forever to see this server come back

Hello DrPhilThanos,

Thank you for the kind words!
It was indeed very unfortunate that the network had to shutdown but at the time is was for the best.

I will post more updates as they are made here on the forum and I plan to open the server up very soon so keep your eyes peeled for the ETA.

As for the Discord server, you can join with this link


Thanks :)

26 days ago

Introduce Yourself - Format

Hey players,

Please see below format which you can use when introducing yourselves, this is just a guide and some ideas for what to include in your post.

  • Minecraft IGN
  • First Name
  • Age
  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Sport
  • Hobby

Looking forward to meeting everyone, thanks for reading!
- Zyr

about 1 month ago

Minexus Network 2019

Hello all!

My name is Zyyr and I am the owner of the Minexus Network, formerly known as Minexus.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the re-opening of the network and I cannot wait to share all of the hard work that I have put into it.
To anyone players who donated or purchased ranks previously that would like to restore their purchases are more than welcome to notify me.

There is no ETA of the grand re-opening as of yet. Please see below server availability to keep up-to-date!

Hub - 95% PLAYABLE
Survival - 90% PLAYABLE
Prison - 0% Ready
Skyblock - 0% Ready
Creative - 15% NOT PLAYABLE
Economy - 50% NOT PLAYABLE

If you would like to participate in Alpha testing to squash bugs and address issues, please send me a message! :)

about 1 month ago


Nameless test

about 1 month ago