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Bunadryl was last seen: 22 Sep 2019, 04:36

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2 months ago
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2 months ago
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IGN: Bunadryl

My name is Alex.

At this point in time I am currently 17 and about to begin my adult life. 

My favorite color is royal purple.

I don't exactly have a favorite sport but I do favor some over others.

My hobbies include chemistry, forensics, and diving into mysteries.

A bit about myself. I joined this server likely some time around 2017(?) or whenever it was quite active. At the time I was incredibly dumb and cringeworthy. I don't play minecraft much and spend most of my time doing nothing. I have been watching the status of the server when I do play, and have been waiting for when it reopens. The server being open now means there may be a chance for me to meet new people and have a fresh start. All of that being said I do hope that this server gains more attention and very soon. Seeing the server without many people in it is quite saddening and reminds me of how fun it was before it went down.

2 months ago

I've waited forever to see this server come back

I remember waiting and seeing it come up now and then. I might have joined about once or twice during those brief periods and couldn't find anyone who I once knew. It's great that the server is back up now, but I doubt that I will find anyone from before the first shutdown. My previous name was Bunnie.

2 months ago

No friends.