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Checking in - Minexus Network Update - 6/05/2020
Started by Zyyr



11 Jun 2020
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22 Nov 2020

Hi guys,


Due to the on-going pandemic surrounding COVID-19, my schedule and attentions have been averted elsewhere.

It has been nearly impossible for me to maintain the server lately due to my responsibilities outside of Minecraft.

I am hopeful that once the chaos is over and things return to normal (such as reduced hours at work being restored), I can begin working on and investing in the network again.


Currently, I can only set aside funds to keep the network and website running. However, the idea of a fresh new Survival spawn is currently being thought over.


It has also been reported by some players that they cannot join the server. Some traits of the problem are:


- Black screen when joining

- Falling in void when joining

- Chunks begin to spawn/load and then kicked


This issue is being looked into and I apologize to those experiencing this problem.


If you are having this issue, please send me a message letting me know what happens on your end.

The more information I can gather, the easier it will be to narrow the culprit and find a solution.


Thanks for reading

Zyyr · 6 months ago · Last edited: 6 months ago