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Making Progress - Minexus Network Update - 28/05/2020
7 months ago

Hi guys,


I am happy to announce that the issue regarding players being unable to connect to the server has been resolved. The network admins are still monitoring things in the backend so if you are still experiencing any issues please let me know so I can inform them.


I have also secured a commission with a builder who is (as of writing) currently building a new spawn for the Survival server. I hope this new spawn will freshen up things and remotivate players.


That's it for now, I will post more updates soon


Thanks for reading!

- Zyyr

Checking in - Minexus Network Update - 6/05/2020
7 months ago

Hi guys,


Due to the on-going pandemic surrounding COVID-19, my schedule and attentions have been averted elsewhere.

It has been nearly impossible for me to maintain the server lately due to my responsibilities outside of Minecraft.

I am hopeful that once the chaos is over and things return to normal (such as reduced hours at work being restored), I can begin working on and investing in the network again.


Currently, I can only set aside funds to keep the network and website running. However, the idea of a fresh new Survival spawn is currently being thought over.


It has also been reported by some players that they cannot join the server. Some traits of ...

7 months ago

Hi everyone,

I have thought long and hard about the future of the Minexus Network and the direction I want to go with it.